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Stack'd Business Transformation Services

Our firm specializes in organizational design and business transformation services

We orient our services around four focus areas: strategically growing your business, rethinking how you operate, executing efficiently and effectively, and delighting your customers and employees by creating excellent experiences.

Defining and supporting significant growth organically and through acquisitions

Strategic Planning

Providing business transformation services to help leaders define their strategic direction in a simple, pragmatic way to achieve transformational growth and change. Learn More.

Strategic Agility

We help leaders build capability and discipline to identify and evaluate shifts in the market to quickly develop, test, and validate strategies that enable competitive advantage and drive market innovation.

Untapped Potential

We help bold leaders scale and transform their business through a 12-month immersive program to untap the potential that exists within their businesses and teams. This program helps business leaders build a strategy and game plan, understand and focus on the numbers that matter most, develop an obsession for customer and employee experience, create agile, kick-ass processes to help them scale up, build execution discipline to get sh*t done, and untap their leadership potential.

Learn more about the full Untapped Potential program here.

Post-Merger Integration

We help leadership teams determine how to lead, combine, and realize the expected value of combining multiple unique organizations into a single entity after the decision to merge with or acquire another organization. We’ve also written a guide for leaders considering or preparing for an integration – get your free copy here.


Redefining how your business, operating model, and structure needs to evolve

Business and Operating Model Design

We help leaders design and rethink their business model and how they operate to achieve extraordinary results in a fast-paced and rapidly changing market.

Scalable Process Design and Implementation

We help leaders and their teams design and install processes to help support and enable the scaling and growth of their business.

Organizational Design

We help leaders determine how to lead, manage, and design their organizations to achieve their strategic priorities and enable the effective execution of their business model.

Organizational Restructuring

We help leaders identify opportunities to restructure their organizations to improve performance and achieve desired cost savings.


Driving transformation through leadership, culture, team performance, and discipline. At Stack’d, we are an authorized partner of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®

Leadership & Team Performance

We help leaders fully tap into their leadership potential so they can achieve their company’s goals while increasing their team’s overall engagement and performance.

Enabling Agile Organizations

We help leadership teams transform their companies by learning how to operate in a more agile manner. This includes rethinking the role of leaders and teams, assessing the organizational impacts, understanding how the company’s culture needs to change, and shifting how work is done to experiment, fail fast, gain insight, and drive extraordinary value for customers.

Transformation Project Execution

We help companies execute their transformation programs by instilling the process, rigor, and discipline to transform the business while ensuring that stakeholders (i.e. employees, customers, and other partners) are engaged and prepared to support a realistic and lasting transformation.

Organizational Culture

We help leaders assess, design, and create lasting changes to their company’s culture so they can achieve growth and transformation objectives and maintain progress.


Creating WOW through curated customer and employee experiences

Customer Experience (CX)

We help leaders obsess about delighting their customers through curated and purposeful customer experiences. We work with them to define an overall CX strategy, capture and measure the voice of the customer to better understand customers’ needs and desires, and design exceptional customer experiences by assessing the customer’s journey and identifying what is required to delight in the moments that matter.

Employee Experience (EX)

We help leaders create great experiences for their teams. We work with them to define their overall EX strategy and discover opportunities to delight their employees on a day-to-day basis. Focusing on improving EX will drive an engaged team and likely result in improved customer experiences. If a company’s employees are happy and engaged, its customers will be too.


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