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Private Equity: Investors in Growth Companies

We work with private equity and venture capital firms to untap the potential that exists within their portfolio investments when their leadership teams are ‘working on the business’ vs. ‘working in it’. These services have been designed to support your leadership teams by supplementing their capacity and helping build their internal capabilities so that they can further scale, transform, and grow your portfolio companies in an accelerated manner. Our focus in this area is from working with graduates of accelerators that need to build the discipline to scale-up through to mid-market private equity investments.

Strategic Planning

We work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to define their strategic direction in private equity in a simple, but pragmatic way, to achieve transformational growth and change. We work with them to ensure that the strategic plan is aligned with your investment objectives, has clear accountabilities, and defined performance measures on a single page.

Learn more here.

Untapped Potential

An immersive program designed to help the portfolio company’s leadership team untap the potential that exists within their business so that it can scale, grow, and exit. The program consists of:

  1. Centering the organization around your ‘why’
  2. Defining your strategy and game plan to support significant growth
  3. Identifying and understanding which numbers you should be focusing on to manage your business most effectively
  4. Learning how to listen to, empathize with, and curate customer and employee experiences that delight in the moments that matter
  5. Identifying and installing the operational processes necessary for your company to scale and achieve growth objectives
  6. Building the discipline to get sh*t done
  7. Untapping your leadership potential so the business’ success is not reliant on individual heroic efforts

Learn more about the full Untapped Potential program here.

Post-Merger Integration

Our firm was built on and grew by assisting private equity firms with the completion of post-merger integration projects for their mid-market portfolio companies. We will work with your leadership teams to provide them with direction on how to lead, manage, and successfully combine companies after a deal has been done. Our goal is not only to help support the leadership team in realizing the value expected in the deal, but to help them build the capabilities to be self-sufficient for future transactions. We’ve also written a guide to help leaders get started – get your free copy here.

Beyond Due Diligence

We will work with you to gain insight into the opportunities and risks of a transaction from the perspective of ‘actually living together’ when the deal is done. What this looks like is due diligence on the leadership team, culture, and organizational structure beyond what you will find in any sell side pitch deck. We will also work with you to identify the resources required, estimated time, and risks to be mitigated to successfully complete the integration.

Business and Operating Model Design

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to help rethink and implement changes to their business model and how they operate to take advantage of market opportunities, drive productivity improvements, and achieve growth objectives.

Scalable Process Design and Implementation

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to design and install key operational processes that will allow them to scale and grow their business.

Organizational Restructuring

We provide an independent third-party assessment of the strengths and opportunities for improvement for a portfolio company’s organizational structure. We will work with you and your portfolio company’s leadership team to determine the optimal organizational structure to achieve their strategic priorities and financial and operating objectives.

Leadership and Team Performance

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to fully tap into their potential so they can achieve their company’s goals while increasing their team’s overall engagement and performance.

Transformation Program Execution

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to bring experience and discipline to executing their transformation program. Working alongside the leadership team, we will help them instill the process, rigor, and discipline required to transform the business.

Customer Experience (CX)

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to create delightful experiences for their customers resulting in increased customer retention and growth. We can work with the team to assess their current CX program, identify opportunities for improvement, and design exceptional customer experiences by assessing the customer’s journey and identifying what is required to delight in the moments that matter.

Employee Experience (EX)

We will work with your portfolio company’s leadership team to create an environment where their employees are highly engaged and invested in the company’s success. We will work with the leadership team to identify what matters most to them and co-create experiences that will delight. If their employees are happy and engaged, their customers will be as well.

Think we might be able to help you, but want more information about these offerings? Set up a quick call with us so we can better understand your needs and recommend a solution that’s right for you.

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