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Scaling Your Kick-Ass Business

We work with leaders who want to achieve significant growth and scale for their business. These services are designed for entrepreneurs, graduates of accelerator programs, and leaders of businesses that know there is significant untapped potential in their business, and they want to unleash it. Scale your business and watch it grow!

Untapped Potential

An immersive program designed to help you and your team untap your potential so you can scale, grow, and exit. The program consists of:

  1. Centering the organization around your ‘why’
  2. Defining your strategy and game plan to support significant growth
  3. Identifying and understanding which numbers you should be focusing on to manage your business most effectively
  4. Learning how to listen to, empathize with, and curate customer and employee experiences that delight in the moments that matter
  5. Identifying and installing the operational processes necessary for your company to scale and achieve growth objectives
  6. Building the discipline to get sh*t done
  7. Untapping your leadership potential so the business’ success is not reliant on your own heroic efforts

Learn more about the full Untapped Potential program here.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to define your strategic direction in a simple, but pragmatic way, to achieve transformational growth and change. Or, in other words, figuring out your aspirations and goals, determining how you will do it, and summarizing it on one page.

Learn more about how we can help you define your strategy here.

Scalable Process Design and Installation

We work with you to first identify your key operational processes and then determine the most pragmatic and simplistic way to design and install those processes to give you repeatable results and allow you to scale your business.

Customer Experience (CX)

We help you set your business apart from others by co-creating experiences that will delight your customers and have them shouting from their rooftops in support of you.

Employee Experience (EX)

We work with you to create an environment where your employees are highly engaged and invested in your company’s success. Working together, we will create memorable experiences encompassing the moment your employees were first attracted to you all the way through to their departure from the organization.

Organizational Design

We help you develop a plan so that you, as a leader, don’t own everything and the business’ success doesn’t hinge on your individual heroics. We focus on developing an organizational structure that will drive accountability and prioritize new hires, but is flexible enough to support you as you experience the ups and downs growing organizations inevitably face.

Organizational Culture

As a founder or bold leader, you have clear aspirations of what you want your culture to be and how you will use it to set yourself apart from others for both your customers and your employees. We help you figure out how to make this vision a reality and navigate all the important “touchy-feely” stuff required to get there.

Leadership and Team Performance

We work with leaders that want to be better, show up differently, and, ultimately, are willing to put in the hard work to create change. Working with you and your team, we leverage proven lessons from key thought leaders on how to improve your own leadership abilities and enhance your team’s performance.

Think we might be able to help, but aren’t quite sure which option is best for you? Set up a quick call with us so we can better understand your needs and let you know how we can help (or if we’re even the right firm for you).

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