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Organizational Review

The Situation

Stack’d was engaged by a municipality to perform an organizational review of the wastewater research facility it created in partnership with a university. The facility needed to assess its current commercial state, including financial resources, processes, organizational model and clarify its value propositions and identify revenue-generating opportunities for both research and commercial applications.

Our Approach

To assess the current state of the facility and identify future opportunities, the Stack’d team:
  1. Completed a detailed assessment and summary of the facility’s current commercial state and the competitive landscape, trends, and needs of the global wastewater industry.
  2. Created an updated vision and mission statement for the facility and clarified its value proposition with input from workshops and meetings with the board and other stakeholders.
  3. Established a to-be operating model for the facility.
  4. Developed a detailed implementation plan with specific objectives related to financial security and operational stability to prepare the organization for growth.

Value Received

The facility shareholders selected an interim executive director who mobilized the respective teams, took over day-to-day management and started to implement the strategic initiatives roadmap as recommended in our implementation plan. The facility is operating and continues to pursue its research and commercial goals.

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