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Community Foundation Strategic Plan Development

The Situation

A newly appointed CEO of an Alberta-based Non-Profit wanted to redefine the Foundation's strategic direction and maximize its positive impact on the community. The intent was through an innovative strategic plan; the Foundation could leverage its resources, expertise, and influence to tackle the most pressing social challenges facing the community.

Our Approach

Stack'd lead multiple strategic planning sessions, some of which included the entire Team of the Foundation, Leaders and the Board of Directors to promote engagement, craft a new strategic direction, and build a plan to execute its strategy.  
  1. Supported the CEO in engaging stakeholders for interviews.
  2. Facilitated a series of incremental workshops to assess, establish and validate the strategic priorities and plan for the Foundation. These included an all-staff strategic assessment session, in addition to Leadership and Board of Directors strategy development sessions. 
  3. Hosted an all-staff strategic initiatives session in person with approximately thirty team members to determine 'how' the strategic priorities should be executed and measures for success. 

Value Received

Stack'd supported the Foundation in determining how proactive and targeted a role the organization should have in the community. As a result, the Foundation set a new strategy and strategic plan that will see the organization make a significant commitment and focus on enabling exceptional partner experiences so that they can maximize positive impact and reach in the community.

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