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Rethinking Organizational Structure

The Situation

A new CEO of an Edmonton-based charitable organization (~200 staff) identified the retiring of key leaders as an opportunity to evaluate and rethink their organizational structure to ensure a smooth transition of these critical roles and assess if additional changes would further enable organizational success and amplify their impact in the community.

Our Approach

Stack'd was engaged to assess and redesign their organizational structure to ensure long-term stability and success. The initial assessment showed that the Team needed a clear sightline of the organization's strategic direction. As a result, Stack'd:
  1. Lead strategic planning sessions with senior leadership team members to collaboratively identify their strategy.
  2. With greater clarity on the organization's strategic direction, Stack'd created alternative structures that would enable the organization's strategy. A preferred structure emerged from the alternatives.  

Value Received

Stack'd played a crucial role in supporting the organization by assisting in establishing a strategic direction and interim strategic plan. This guiding strategic plan effectively steered the organization's priorities and activities, contributing to implementing a target organizational structure currently being utilized to recruit new executive leadership team members and foster cultural and behavioural change within the organization.

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