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Market Design Facilitation

The Situation

Stack’d was engaged by an independent electric system operator to facilitate and support the technical design of a new capacity electricity market. Faced with a provincial mandate, and a tight time-frame to deliver, the ISO needed to engage a broad set of stakeholders to design a comprehensive market to prepare for regulatory review and approval.

Our Approach

Acting as an independent third-party, the Stack’d team:
  • Developed an approach to engage stakeholders in capacity market design process and continued to evolve the engagement strategy as the project approach changed;
  • Supported Technical Leads to identify, analyze, and recommend market design characteristics based on current macro trends and detailed stakeholder input;
  • Prepared for, facilitated, and captured the output of over 70 working group sessions over a 15 month period to introduce, evaluate, and converge on an optimal market design; and,
  • Provided project management support to the ISO to maintain scope and schedule.

Value Received

The ISO was able to deliver its comprehensive market design proposal within a 15 month period, engaging a broad set of stakeholders in the design. It is our understanding that this is the quickest that a market design has ever been completed in the world.

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