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Organizational Restructuring

The Situation

Stack’d was engaged by the IT function of a global utility provider to develop an organizational restructuring that effectively enabled its new cloud-based operating model. The utility also needed the new structure to address an overdeveloped management structure for the function’s size, improve role clarity in the new operating model, and elevate the function’s ability to adapt to customers’ increasing service-level expectations.

Our Approach

  1. To effectively enable the IT function’s new operating model and consistently meet customer service levels, the Stack’d team:
  2. Engaged senior IT leaders to understand IT’s strategic priorities, target operating model, and current organizational structure.
  3. Conducted a structural review of IT’s organizational structure to evaluate span of control, reporting relationships, and job titles.
  4. Identified and confirmed the key skills and abilities required to execute the new operating model.
  5. Co-created a preferred organizational structure with senior leaders.
  6. Developed a detailed 9-month transition plan, including change management considerations for each stage of the transition.

Value Received

The IT function is now able to effectively execute upon its new operating model with improved role clarity for both the function and its customers. Senior IT leaders confidently navigated the organizational change by leveraging the transition plan and change management considerations to ensure ongoing and effective communication and engagement with staff. Contact Stack'd Consulting to learn more about this project!

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