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Our Results

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries to develop and hone our expertise. See some of our illustrative examples below.


  • Health Care Provider

    In support of providing greater focus and development for a world class patient care model, Stack’d was engaged by a health care provider to support the separation of their Acute and Residential Care operations into two organizations. In addition to developing a focused patient care model, the separation of organizations provided an opportunity to facilitate greater alignment with provincial health authorities and support growth opportunities for the future.

    Stack’d assisted the Executive team and the new organization’s Board of Directors to develop a strategic direction, operating and governance model, and foundational organizational structure to ensure the new organization was prepared to operate as a separate entity. Additionally, Stack’d assisted leadership with the development of a master program and set of integrated work plans to direct the transition into two separate organizations. This included clearly defining major operating processes by work function and the required transition activities to separate these into Acute and Residential Care operations.

    Our client is currently in the process of developing new Residential Care campuses and facilities which will see the new strategies, operating model, and organizational structure put into operation to enhance patient care and outreach.

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  • Local Charity

    Facing tough economic conditions, shifting socioeconomic norms, and for-profit competition, a local charity engaged Stack’d to rethink their organizational structure. The objectives for this redesign included aligning the structure to the strategic direction, enhancing the donor experience and engagement, and driving operational efficiency and effectiveness. These factors came together in rethinking and redesigning the organizational capabilities and structure to maintain long-term relevance and broaden the donor base.

    Through a series of interviews and workshops, the Stack’d team worked closely with senior leadership to validate the existing strategy and identify the key functional capabilities required to support long-term development, relevance, and growth. Utilizing design criteria created to guide thinking and decision making, the Stack’d team supported senior leaders as they evaluated alternative organizational designs and selected a preferred structural model.

    This organization is currently in the process of implementing the new structure and rethinking the people, processes, technology, and rewards required to make this structure a reality.

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  • Health Care Organization

    Our client wished to evolve its current organization to create separate, independent divisions that would realize the growth opportunities that existed for their respective services and markets. The goal was to create more competitive, entrepreneurial and growth-oriented organizations that:

    • fostered and maintained a distinctly nimble, innovative, and competitive culture;
    • was clearly distinct from the current organization with well-defined roles and relationships;
    • established effective, efficient supporting services that could scale gracefully; and,
    • could operate within funding constraints with a sustained, healthy financial profile.

    Stack’d was engaged to assist the executive to assess, define and recommend the new organization’s Board governance, organizational structure, and operational model and define a multi-year transition plan to create more independent and entrepreneurial organizations. In addition, Stack’d assisted the resulting organization’s leadership team in the detailed design of the functional groups, including the assessment of service delivery options, helping determine whether to outsource, centralize or decentralize each function.

    Throughout the project the CEO provided accolades and expressed that his expectations were exceeded in terms of both quality and level of detail provided in the deliverables. As a result, the client has now established the new organization, its leadership team, and is in the midst of executing the transition plan to become a more independent, growth-oriented organization.

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  • Alberta Not-For-Profit Chapters

    The Board of Directors from two Alberta regional chapters of a national not-for-profit organization wanted to assess whether or not the two chapters should merge or actively pursue more formalized means of collaboration. There was a belief that by merging or more formally collaborating, the two chapters could more efficiently operate by reducing duplication of efforts, provide more clarity to funders, and improve alignment on programs and events offered to their stakeholders.

    Stack’d was engaged to develop an approach to help facilitate the evaluation of the two strategic alternatives by working with a special Committee, comprising of members of the two respective Board of Directors and the two CEOs of the provincial chapters. The Stack’d team worked closely with the Committee in a series of workshops to further define how each alternative could potentially work so that the Committee could better evaluate the alternatives based on a set of desired outcomes. The Committee made the recommendation to pursue more formalized means of collaboration between the two provincial chapters. An additional outcome of this engagement was that through the process, the two CEOs established a more positive working relationship and a greater understanding of each other, which they expect to be immensely beneficial in their efforts to increase collaboration moving forward.

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  • Municipal Public Library

    The recently appointed CEO of a municipal library consisting of approximately 20 branches desired a review of the organizational structure in an effort to better align it with the library’s future strategy.

    Stack’d conducted a high level review of the strategy and current organizational structure to determine whether the two were aligned. The results of the review prompted the development of a capability model and alternative organizational structures. A preferred structure was selected and an implementation plan developed through a combination of facilitated sessions with the executive team and meetings with the CEO.

    The selected structure and associated transition plan has positioned the organization to achieve its strategy. The CEO expressed her appreciation for the work of the Stack’d team.

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  • Public Health Organization

    In order to continue to offer important services to the community, the Boards of two public health organizations agreed to integrate after one was faced with financial challenges.

    Stack’d was engaged to lead the integration, developing an overall integration plan, setting up and managing the integration office, supporting the execution of nine integration streams, and leading senior management through a series of key decisions to develop the operating model and organizational structure for the new entity. In addition, Stack’d conducted an assessment of the organizational culture and facilitated sessions with core leaders to identify the actions and behaviors to make the culture ‘real’.

    The integration engagement successfully positioned the organization to operate as one entity, which was recognized and appreciated by both the current and outgoing Executive Directors, and the Board members from both organizations. The organization’s services not only continued, but are now well positioned and help the new organization grow.

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