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Our Results

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries to develop and hone our expertise. See some of our illustrative examples below.


  • Oil Field Services Company

    Two competitors in the oilfield service industry were considering merging and unifying under a new name. Although the executive had acquired and integrated companies before and brought a wealth of experience to the table, they recognized that this merger was particularly complex given it was a merger of equals and the demands on leadership to focus on current business operations.

    Stack’d was engaged to help the combined leadership team in advance of ‘Day-1’ to help them navigate through the strategic issues facing the new organization, including setting organization direction, forming an effective leadership team, and establishing strategic priorities. In addition, Stack’d assisted the Integration Office leader in the preparation of preliminary integration plans for the various functional groups that would be merged after ‘Day-1’.

    In the end the two organizations chose not to merge based largely on the due diligence results, but also due to discovering key differences in their business philosophy and organization direction.

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  • Provincial Utility Operator

    Our team was engaged by an organization operating within the Alberta power industry that was grappling with how to better execute on its portfolio of over 200 projects across the enterprise. Each year, no matter how much effort or intent was exhibited by the executive team and staff, the organization continually failed to execute on all of its commitments.

    We recommended to the client that they implement an enterprise portfolio management office (EPMO). Key elements of the implemented EPMO included: portfolio management processes to manage trade-offs between strategic priorities, programs and projects, business case development and approval guidelines, improved portfolio reporting, and guidelines on how to work with existing PMOs across the organization.

    The resulting EPMO enabled the client to identify, evaluate, prioritize, allocate resources to, and report against its range of day-to-day base work, technology investments, and strategic / performance improvement projects.

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  • Oil Field Services Company

    An international multi-billion dollar organization acquired an Alberta oil field services company to support their desired growth in the Alberta oil and gas industry.

    Stack’d was engaged to define an overall integration governance structure, manage the integration office, and develop a 100-day plan to guide integration activities across 15 integration work streams. A key focus of the engagement was to work with senior leadership to develop a growth strategy that achieved the desired synergies, implement a new business model based on operational excellence, and restructure the organization to drive improved leadership accountability.

    The integration of the two business was deemed a clear success and is used as a case study to illustrate post-merger best practices. The organization continues to pursue growth through acquisitions.

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  • Environmental Engineering Firm

    After a period of rapid growth from 150 to 500 consultants in a period of two and half years, the CEO of an environmental engineering firm wanted to define a new corporate organizational structure to better govern and manage the business and to support future growth.

    Through a series of workshops, we helped the senior executive validate and refine the firm’s strategic direction. Based on this validated strategic direction, a capability model and three alternative structures were developed to be evaluated by senior leadership. Through a facilitated session, a preferred organizational structure was selected and a multi-year plan developed to guide the activities to transition to the preferred organizational structure.

    The new organizational structure was successfully implemented. Based on the quality of work of the first engagement, Stack’d was subsequently engaged by the organization to develop the organizational structure for the ‘operations’ side of the business.

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  • Public Oil & Gas Corporation

    A publicly traded integrated energy company required a review of its process to better align the management of information in its upstream business units.

    Our resources designed and developed a portfolio alignment process across upstream business units for new information management, data, subscription, and application projects and acquisitions.

    This enabled the client to better manage the efficiency and effectiveness of its suite of upstream information management services.

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  • Oil Field Services Organization

    The founder of an Oil Field Services organization engaged Stack’d to help develop a strategic plan to both guide what they should do to grow, and to attract potential buyers to support the founders exit strategy.

    Stack’d collaborated with the founder to analyze the historical strengths and weaknesses of the organization and identify potential areas to grow the business. An overall strategic plan was developed that identified growth areas and the investments required to mature the business.

    The strategic plan was then successfully executed and the business sold within 12 months of the engagement.

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