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Our Results

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries to develop and hone our expertise. See some of our illustrative examples below.


  • Government Ministry

    A provincial entity delivering vital programs, services, and products, endeavored to create a higher quality of life for its residents and their families. More specifically, the Organization wished to review the operations of the branch responsible for document solutions and logistics in an effort to identify potential service gaps, operational efficiencies, and cost synergies.

    Stack’d was engaged to perform a thorough review of two warehouses and the various services they provided. By integrating our municipal services delivery methodology and business and operating model review methodology to fit the specific needs of the branch, Stack’d identified key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. As a result, Stack’d identified options for a future service delivery model for the two warehouses and provided recommendations for distribution operations that would maximize operational efficiencies and reduce ongoing operating costs while maintaining client service levels.

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  • Public School Board

    A large public School Board wished to review the operations of its Distribution Center which is responsible for offering schools the option to purchase from their suite of products and services such as classroom products, mailing, printing, and shredding, with the intention to maximize school purchasing power. The School Board wished to assess the current effectiveness of the existing service-delivery model and organizational structure, and identify any synergy opportunities with other business units within the School Board.

    Stack’d was engaged to perform the review, integrating our municipal services-delivery methodology with our organization analysis and design methodology to identify the key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the Distribution Center, define alternative service-delivery models for consideration, and recommend short-term and long-term reporting structures.

    The changes in organization design has since been incorporated into the School Board, and are now using the results to develop a more detailed supply chain analysis and design for future operations.

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  • Post-Secondary Institution

    The newly appointed President and CEO for a respected post-secondary institution wanted a new organizational structure for the senior executive team and administrative aspects of the institution that aligned with the existing strategic plan and improved the allocation of roles and responsibilities across functional areas.

    Stack’d interviewed the organization’s senior leaders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure and to understand the strategic intent of the organization. Based on this understanding, a capability model and three alternative structures were developed to be evaluated by senior leadership. Through a facilitated session, a preferred organizational structure was selected and a multi-year plan developed to guide the activities to transition to the preferred organizational structure.

    The new organizational structure was successfully implemented along with the appointment of three new strategic leaders. Based on the quality of work of the first engagement, Stack’d was subsequently engaged by the institution to define a new organizational structure for each of the academic schools.

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  • Post-Secondary Institution

    The newly appointed President and CEO for a respected post-secondary institution wanted to develop an earned-revenue strategy to reduce the institution’s reliance on grant funding.

    Stack’d conducted an assessment of the organization’s multiple earned-revenue businesses, including performing both primary and secondary research related to corporate training and continuing education. Through a series of workshops with senior leaders and stakeholders from across the institution, a new earned-revenue strategy and operating model was developed.

    The institution is currently in the process of implementing the new earned-revenue business model, resulting in new business units, organizational structure, improved operational processes, and a more market-centric product offering.

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  • Municipal School Board

    A municipal school board engaged Stack’d to assist with the development of a new organizational structure to merge their long-term planning function with their facilities maintenance function.

    Through a defined stakeholder engagement approach, input was received from both internal and external stakeholders from across the district to identify improvements to both organizational structure and operating processes, including the planning, building, modernization and maintenance of facilities for the School Board. Based on this understanding, a capability model and three alternative organizational structures were developed to be evaluated by the leadership team of the two functions. A preferred structure was selected and a two year transition plan developed to guide the activities required to transition to the preferred organizational structure.

    The school board is currently in the process of hiring the new leader for the group and implementing the transition plan.

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  • Post-Secondary Institution

    A polytechnic organization with approximately 26,000 students engaged Stack’d to review the operations and structure of their purchasing and distribution functions.

    Stack’d performed a comprehensive review of both of the purchasing and distribution functions through a structured approach that included stakeholder consultation. This consultation was composed of both interviews and focus groups with key customers and staff, and helped develop a clear picture of the current state and identify what was required for the future. In addition, external research was performed to identify leading practices in similar polytechnics and more importantly, assess their relevance to the organization. Sessions with a core project team were then held to confirm findings, develop the future direction for the organization, and create a future-state organizational structure. Finally, a comprehensive implementation plan was developed to direct the go-forward efforts of the institution.

    The project sponsor expressed strong appreciation for the work performed by Stack’d and the quality of the deliverables.

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